Travel changes your mind. 

We might call it a cliché, but if we dig deeper into the idea, we might actually find some interesting things. Find a destination you haven't been to before, fit everything you need into a backpack, take only the essentials with you. This is the first step to truly getting to know yourself.
They always say this is the hardest part, but I have to admit, I didn't even notice. So much happened in such a short time that I began a subconscious search for a path, which might have been just an escape. I fled from the daily questions, problems, pains, my shortcomings, and everything else that I felt was dragging me down and not letting go. The deeper I went, the more often I traveled because I felt I needed it to tidy up the shelves in my head. Just me and my shelves in a new city, another country. Every journey helped me with the order in my mind, but each journey was also a visual experience.
 Being a photographer, every new shore, corner, street, building, person, shadow, color was a little extra dopamine for my brain. As the journeys came one after the other, it became clear to me what I was actually doing: I think I can say now that I have tidied up the shelves.
I learned to accept my injuries, pains, and the difficulties that life presented to me, I took a step back to see the bigger picture. I realised that it's hard for me to accept every praise, gift, and celebration, which is why every holiday became a new reason for travel, but also a new opportunity to show, in the form of pictures, how I see the world from the inside. 
Each picture is a moment in the process of tidying up, and also about who I am and what I can contribute to what surrounds me
"Traveling is an opportunity to choose another path. Both physically and mentally."

How to do it:

Choose a city you haven't visited before. It could be the one with the cheapest flight tickets or the one that aligns best with your desires.

Open Google Maps and explore the area. Check out the streets, squares, coastline, or any uploaded photos and street views.

Look into nearby cities and attractions too! Maybe find some travel tips about those cities.

Once you know what interests you, figure out how many days you'll need to fit everything in. Don't worry about specific plans; things tend to unfold as you go, and weather or other factors might change, so stay flexible!

Find accommodation in a central location, but it's okay if it's not right in the city center. Sometimes staying in a neighboring town can be nice.

When you arrive, try to walk a lot or use public transportation to truly discover the place you're in!
If you find something you like, take a photo, jot it down, or simply sit and enjoy it!

Feel free to listen to music or just observe your surroundings. The key is to pay attention to yourself and immerse yourself in the moment.

If you have a book and enjoy reading, find a cozy spot and indulge in some reading!

If you love taking photos, bring a camera and snap away! But avoid using your phone; give yourself time and respect to properly capture the moment.

Ask questions! Talk to locals, your accommodation host, or anyone else; the important thing is to gather information and tips about your surroundings!

If you get hungry, seek out a small local restaurant in a little street, rather than opting for the trendiest places! Often, a croissant by the beach is better than in a café!

There's no need to rush anywhere; give yourself time to experience everything fully!
story and photography by Roland Rab
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