SC: What led you to choose Berlin as your place of residence and work for tattooing? How did you discover that Berlin was the right city for your career?
L: I'm originally from Budapest, Hungary, which isn't known for its open-mindedness or international outlook. Fortunately, I grew up in an artistic family—my mom is a painter, and my dad is a graphic designer—so they broadened my horizons and instilled in me a more open mindset. When I was fifteen, we moved to Spain, and from there, I participated in a German exchange program to Berlin. This was my first introduction to the city, and it left a profound impact on me, especially in contrast to Hungary. 

In Berlin, the possibilities are endless; you can be anything and do anything, with complete freedom to explore and evolve artistically. I now work in an incredible private studio owned by Rodrigo Was, specializing in abstract style tattoos. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by world-famous, immensely talented tattoo artists who inspire and propel me forward.
SC: How do you push artistic boundaries and explore new techniques in your work to stay fresh and innovative? ​​​​​​​
L: Being in a studio where my colleagues have years of experience in the industry, and consistently having guest artists visit from around the world, has greatly contributed to my development. I believe it's essential to be surrounded by people who support each other and are willing to share knowledge and wisdom. I'm also continuously seeking out inspiring artists both online and offline.
SC: How do you incorporate contemporary art trends into your tattoo designs? And what is contemporary in your opinion? 
L: I believe contemporary art can encompass anything and everything. In my own work, I strive for a very abstract, minimalistic direction, often utilizing heavy black tones. I draw inspiration from art displayed in galleries, museums, and natural phenomena, all the while aiming to think outside of conventional boundaries.
SC: In the age of social media, visibility is crucial for artists. How do you use platforms like Instagram to showcase your work and connect with potential clients? 
How do you make your mark in a crowded online space?

L: Indeed, Instagram is essential; it's one of the most important platforms for us to gain visibility and advertise our work. Keeping up with it consistently can be very demanding, especially with all the new trends and algorithms changing constantly. I try to follow some trends while also maintaining my style. Usually, I sit down and create content or multiple posts ahead of time, scheduling them for the upcoming days or week, so I don't have to think about it all the time, especially when I'm running low on free time.

SC: How do you approach the balance between personal artistic expression and meeting the preferences of your clients? 

L: My clients usually come to me because they appreciate the direction and style in which I work. Consequently, they often grant me artistic freedom to create. I always encourage them to describe their ideas thoroughly, and I make sure to sit down with them before the session to collaboratively finalize the design in person.

SC: What keeps you motivated? 

L: Meeting and seeing other artists' work, as well as traveling and experiencing different cultures, continually inspire me​​​​​​​
Talent: Lutza
Photographed by Adam Jelen
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